Alexander Elin is a guest of the "Technology in Faces" podcast

Alexander Elin is a guest of the "Technology in Faces" podcast

«Technology in Faces» is a podcast by Igor Intriligator, co-owner of Urban Farm, and Daniil Kinyov, founder of Business Technology, featuring entrepreneurs developing future technologies in Russia.

On January 24, the YouTube channel «Technologies in Faces» published the third episode, the guest of which was Alexander Yelin, CEO of ALAN-IT LLC, owner of Dairy Production Analytics and Business Scanner services. Within the framework of almost an hour conversation a lot of topics were touched upon, from the history of ALAN-IT and biography of the guest, to the implementation of modern technologies of dairy production, the role of analytical systems in business management, and finally, his advice to young IT-specialists. In addition, Alexander told us which livestock sectors are still not properly digitized and need qualitative changes and solution of many accumulated problems.

If you have been in the industry for a long time or just recently thought about choosing a field of activity, we recommend you to watch the whole issue on any convenient platforms: YouTube, Zen or VK Video, as well as to learn more about the project «Technologies in Faces».

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