Why is it necessary to audit processes on the farm

Why is it necessary to audit processes on the farm - Smart4Agro

Probably, every farm owner is looking for ways to optimize production and may wonder why farms that look the same at first glance have different results. He begins to evaluate his competitors and compare with himself: we opened about one year, we have equipment and software of the same vendors, the number of livestock and staff is comparable, we work with the same suppliers of feed, vaccines, semen, etc.

At the same time, on one of the farms, the cost of production rises, the return on investment falls, and on the other farm things are going uphill. What is the problem?

To understand the reasons, you need to deeply analyze the processes that affect farm results on a daily basis. To a greater extent, this concerns the work of staff, namely, systematic errors. According to the results of our assessment, systematic errors amount to about 13-18% of losses, so they need to be identified through analysis and audit.

On-farm processes are audited by collecting data from various automation systems (herd management system, milking parlor, feed mixers, ERP), as well as from other sources. To a greater extent, attention is paid to the work of personnel and the identification of patterns that have an impact on the business.

One of the ways to conduct such an audit is to implement the DPA analytical service, which, in its essence, for the first three months acts as an audit of enterprise processes, collects, accumulates and analyzes data. Identifies errors, shortcomings and anomalies, which allows you to optimize processes in a short time and conduct more substantive conversations with staff about identified problems.

After six months of analysis, you can start working on making forecasts and, as a result, get information about milk yield, herd structure, diseases for one and a half to two years in advance with an accuracy of about 97-99%, which will allow you to correctly conclude supply contracts, plan costs for the purchase of feed, animals and so on, build supply chains, plan the opening of new divisions, and much more.

After auditing and adjusting the processes on the farm, you can start using the functionality to obtain ready-made recommendations that DPA can provide. They work in a summary mode for key indicators and provide analytical information on milk yield, herd structure and disease. If this functionality turned out to be insufficient, then you can get advice from our partners around the world. The information collected in DPA also makes it possible to make consultations of expensive specialists available, because the specialist does not need to go to the site, you can provide all the information to him at any time. All he has to do is study the ready-made data for analysis and get an accurate and prompt answer.

DPA also provides all the necessary data to justify investments, but more on that in the next article.

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