Smart farm creation at Borodulinskoye LLC


The owners of Borodulinskoye LLC set the task of increasing the transparency of the farm's operation for a more effective response and management, as well as justifying investments on the part of the company's owners.

“We are an innovative company and we are interested in the direction of smart agriculture, so we are looking for the latest technologies to improve the efficiency of the farm,” - Aleksandr Yuryevich Smirnov, Deputy Director for IT Development.

To solve this problem, Borodulinskoye has chosen a partner ALAN-IT, which is engaged in the creation of digital twins in the field of agriculture and has a ready-made solution for farms - Dairy Production Analytics (DPA).

DPA is a digital twin of dairy production, in which it is possible to predict herd reproduction and milk production volumes for 1.5-2 years, thanks to which DPA allows long-term production planning, making the right management decisions, and fulfilling milk production plans.

The most modern technologies are built into DPA: Big Data analytics, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence. In the field of the Internet of Things, ALAN-IT cooperates with ER-Telecom, which has the most extensive LoRaWAN network in the Russian Federation, and is also a federal-scale Internet provider. Securing data transmission in remote locations typical of agriculture is a very important aspect.

At the moment, Borodulinskoye LLC carried out an audit of the farm using Dairy Production Analytics and connected sensors to control, as well as identify external and internal factors affecting milk production and maturation of silage in silo trenches.

Correct management of the microclimate on the farm leads to an increase in productivity, according to the observations of ALAN-IT clients located in different regions of the Russian Federation, during the transition period (autumn-winter, winter-spring) it is possible to prevent a decrease in milk yield by 1.5-2 kg per day, and also save on the feeding process. As a result, this makes it possible to reduce the cost per unit of finished products, which is especially important in the current market situation when the cost of milk is growing.

In addition, monitoring the conditions for the maturation and storage of silage in silage trenches minimizes the risk of losing silage, avoiding animal diseases in the process of consuming a poor-quality product, which leads to a decrease in productivity.

The data received from the sensors is transmitted to a special application, which has analytical functionality, as well as the ability to receive notifications in Telegrams or by e-mail, in case of deviations from the optimal conditions for keeping animals.

“Together, DPA and sensors allow already now to draw up analytical notes to the company's management, which will subsequently lead to adjustments in business processes and increase efficiency. It will be possible to talk about the economic effect of implementation in the spring of 2022 ”, - Aleksandr Yuryevich Smirnov, Deputy Director for IT Development.

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