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Smart4Agro is a cloud analytical service to support decision-making in the field of agriculture with a prediction accuracy up to 98%. The service combines internal and external data, statistical data, economic indicators, personnel performance data, laboratory data.

Global Agricultural Perspectives

  • 9,8 billion people by 2050
  • 70% of freshwater is used for agriculture
  • 0,07 hectare for the cultivation of grain per capita by 2050
  • 2/3 of agricultural losses can be prevented

Advantages of the solution

  • Forecasting accuracy to 98%
  • Monitoring and analysis of key parameters
  • Affordable analytics from any device
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Improving production efficiency while reducing cost
  • Tracking early changes and minimizing the risk of loss

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Farm microclimate - Smart4Agro
Farm microclimate - Smart4Agro

Modern commercial dairy production requires a special approach to the microclimate on the farm. High quality milk and animal health depend on the conditions of their keeping.


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