Smart Greenhouse

Service for monitoring, analysis and forecasting in greenhouses, which can calculate dependencies and identify key factors affecting the quantity and quality of crops grown. This service provides a forecast of future productivity, can evaluate the quality of the crop, taste of the fruit, predict costs and optimize costs.

How it works

How it works
  • Data collection

    At this stage, specialized sensors and a base station are installed and connected for subsequent data collection and processing. In addition, you can connect open data sources and other information systems.

  • Processing, Analytics, and forecast

    A digital copy of greenhouses is being built taking into account the most important parameters that affect the quality of the crop. Any changes to the model allow you to get a forecast and answer the question: what if?

  • Web interface

    24/7 access from any device from anywhere in the world allows you to quickly respond and make informed management decisions.

What it looks like

Why it's important


We needed a system for analyzing production in greenhouses with the ability to conduct analytical and modeling studies...

Irina Meshkova, General Director of “Agro-invest LLC"

Advantages of the solution

  • The increase in production by 20-25% and improving product quality
  • Integration of any additional external data and high performance computing
  • Reduce the cost of expensive chemicals
  • Effective design of optimal production processes and obtaining a positive economic effect
  • Predictive analytics can reduce production costs
  • Quality control of agricultural activities taking into account the monitoring of agricultural machinery

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