Dairy Production Analytics

Helps the farm owner, in the absence of timely access to objective data, reduce the risk of making incorrect management decisions through the correct interpretation of data in the advanced analytics and forecasting system, and achieve production sustainability.

Every day the dairy farm loses

  • 2000 kg of milk lose due to a violation of the milking process 
  • 2500 kg of milk is lost due to feeding errors
  • 700 kg of milk is lost due to culling 
  • 2080 dollars a day on a farm of 1,000 dairy cows 

A sustainable dairy farm through data analytics

A sustainable dairy farm through data analytics

Data-driven DPA helps you make the right decisions and increase the sustainability of your dairy farm.

  • Sensors and monitoring software​

  • Data analytics​

  • Visualization​

  • Predictive analytics​

  • Prescriptive analytics​

Increasing the sustainability of the dairy farm

  • Milking efficiency
  • Diet
  • Health
  • Reproduction

How to increase the sustainability of the dairy farm

Reduced heat stress losses

  • Lost 2,000 kg/day of milk on average during hot weather, $800/day*
  • Reduced losses by creating comfortable conditions for animals
  • The cost of ventilation equipment paid off 2 times

*average for farms with 1,000 milking heads, based on $0.4 per 1 kg of milk

Loss reduction and culling

  • Lost 500 kg/day of milk
  • Spent on feed $667/day
  • Reduced losses by 2 times due to culling

Increasing profits by increasing milk yields

  • 2.5 kg per day
  • 1000 milking stock
  • Additional profit of $450,000 per year*

* at the rate of $0.4 per 1 kg of milk

Sustainability is confirmed

  • 30+ владельцев молочных ферм
  • 26% increase in milk yield
  • reduction of culling of animals and milk
  • 667К+dollars / year of additional profit on a farm of 1000 dairy cows

DPA. Anvantages

  • Online monitoring of milk production
  • Online herd monitoring: reproduction, illness, retirement
  • Prediction of milk and livestock production
  • Identification of unproductive cows for culling
  • Identification of factors affecting milk production (temperature, rations, heredity, etc)
  • Building a staff motivation system based on production data

Case studies

It was possible to achieve a significant improvement in production indicators - an increase in milk yield by 6 kg per dairy cow as of the end of March 2022, which will allow to receive about $717K additional profit per year

“Together, DPA and sensors allow already now to draw up analytical notes to the company's management, which will subsequently lead to adjustments in business processes and increase efficiency. It will be possible to talk about the economic effect of implementation in the spring of 2022 ”, - Aleksandr Smirnov, Deputy Director for IT Development.

During the three months of using DPA, milk production increased by 18% over the previous months. In 2019, in general, milk production increased by an average of 2.05 kg per dairy cow per day, which made it possible to earn about $ 550K.

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