Dairy Production Analytics

Is a digital twin of dairy production with the ability to predict herd reproduction, milk production and animal diseases for 1-2 years or more.

Digital model

DPA combines data from internal systems and external sources, statistical data, economic indicators, data on staff, laboratory data.

Digital model

DPA allows you to reduce costs associated with maintaining cow health, labor and reproduction, as well as solve strategic business tasks: expand production and open new units.

Data sources

DairyComp 305
Dairy Feeder
Dinamica Generale
Dairy Plan
Uniform Agri

Data in a single system

Data in a single system

An integrated approach allows us to see a holistic picture of the integration of technology and business in the enterprise.

  • Sensors and monitoring software​

  • Data analytics​

  • Visualization​

  • Predictive analytics​

  • Prescriptive analytics​

Key metrics monitoring

  • Milking efficiency
  • Diet
  • Health
  • Reproduction

DPA. Anvantages

  • Online monitoring of milk production
  • Online herd monitoring: reproduction, illness, retirement
  • Prediction of milk and livestock production
  • Identification of unproductive cows for culling
  • Identification of factors affecting milk production (temperature, rations, heredity, etc)
  • Building a staff motivation system based on production data

Case studies

«How a dairy farm increased their milk production 18% with Internet of Things and Machine Learning»

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