LLC Borodulinskoe, a client of ALAN-IT – winner of the Data Award 2023

LLC Borodulinskoe, a client of ALAN-IT – winner of the Data Award 2023

On May 18 in Moscow, the results of the Data Awards 2023 - an award popularising the main achievements in the field of working with data in companies in Russia and the CIS countries - were summed up. The event is taking place for the fifth time, and this year it was the first time that Dairy Production Analytics and Business Scanner services client LLC «Borodulinskoye», an agricultural farm, won first place in the category "For Improving Business Efficiency".

Out of 70 projects that applied for participation, 56 were selected in the competition. The farm LLC «Borodulinskoye» Ltd. had to compete with 21 competitors in its nomination. The Expert Council selected winners in 13 categories:

"For creating a new data-driven business model", "For implementing an innovative idea", "For implementing socially relevant data initiatives", "For creating a digital ecosystem", "For ensuring data quality", "For implementing a crisis project", "For excellence in data management training", "For contributing to popularising the profession", "For innovative hyper-automation in asset management", "For solving problems of secure data sharing", "For clever use of data in implementing customer strategy

At the awards ceremony, along with Alexander Smirnov, CIO of AFK Corporation (Managing Company LLC «Borodulinskoye»), who previously gave an interview to the business publication «Director Information Service», Alexander Elin, CEO of ALAN-IT and owner of DPA service, was present and told about the event in his Telegram channel.

It is noteworthy that Russian Railways, Vympelcom, Magnit, Gazprom Neft and other giants of the national economy also won the Data Awards 2023, established by Open Systems publishing house. This fact underscores the importance of digital transformation of dairy production and the impressive result achieved by the LLC «Borodulinskoye» after the introduction of Dairy Production Analytics and Business Scanner services.

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