Which farms will benefit from digital analytics

Which farms will benefit from digital analytics - Smart4Agro

In different countries, the approach to farming and, in particular, milk production, differs.

The American model is agricultural holdings with subsequent milk processing at the same large enterprises. The European approach is small private farms that serve consumers within a radius of about 50 kilometers. In Russia and the CIS countries, the government focuses more on the American model, but the products of small farms also find their consumer.

On large dairy farms, milk production is a smooth process, and minimal losses or an increase in milk yield of several hundred grams per cow means a noticeable change in financial results.

On small farms, the staff communicates more closely with the animals, familiar with the veterinary history of each cow and the nuances of care.

Regardless of the geographical location, the financial results of the farm are influenced by various factors: demand, currency fluctuations and others. Therefore, farm owners are constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency of dairy production.

The implementation of Dairy Production Analytics will have a greater economic effect, of course, on large farms with a livestock of more than 1000 heads and implemented automation systems.

To discover relationships and build a digital model of a dairy farm, the service needs correct data in a single form that can be collected using automation systems.

The constructed digital model allows the farm to improve the efficiency of its activities, reduce costs and risks, in particular:

  • Increase milk yield: from one cow and general on the farm;
  • Reduce silage losses;
  • Reduce the cost of feed additives;
  • Minimize the number of personnel violations (using the notification function);
  • Predict diseases and herd population for up to 2 years.

The capabilities of the Dairy Production Analytics service allow you to smooth out the influence of external factors on the operation of the farm, stabilize financial results and plan activities for a longer period.

We are also in the process of working on a solution that will enable digital analytics for small farms at an affordable price, and will present our development to you in 2021.

We are open for cooperation with partners from any country and are ready to demonstrate the functionality of the service.

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