ALAN-IT took part in the conference "Personnel in the agro-industrial complex"

ALAN-IT took part in the conference "Personnel in the agro-industrial complex" - S4A

On November 22-23, a conference was held for HR specialists from the agro-industrial complex - "Personnel in the agro-industrial complex".

ALAN-IT General Director Alexander Elin made a presentation "Analytics and Forecasts for Determining the Impact of Employees on the Performance of a Farm", where he spoke on the example of dairy production, how analytics, forecasts and the Internet of Things work in HR.

Alexander Elin paid great attention to the issue of digitalization of agriculture, outlined the differences between production automation and digitalization. He also focused on what real business intelligence is. First of all, this is not data visualization, but the ability to generate new information useful for business from existing data.

In addition, all examples were based on Dairy Production Analytics (DPA) functionality. Including examples of notifications that staff receive in different situations on the farm were analyzed. DPA is not only a tool for monitoring the operation of the farm, but also an assistant to the staff to maintain the sustainable operation of the farm.

ALAN-IT is a professional in the field of business analytics, and also provides a number of services for building HR analytics and predictive HR analytics (forecasts) in the company. You can leave a request for a callback on our website or at

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