Determining the impact of employees on farm performance

Determining the impact of employees on farm performance - Smart4Agro

We have previously indicated that farm employees are a determining factor in success. Therefore, the result of their activities should be understandable and measurable. We are talking not only about the quality of milk, its volume and increase in livestock, but also the specific results of the work of each employee.

We can evaluate how shifts work and observe some patterns in dynamics. For example, such as from time to time a certain employee breaks the milking cycle of cows, which has led to measurable losses, and his colleague, on the contrary, achieves an increase in milk yield. That is, in the context of the total volume of milk, this may not be noticeable, but in fact it is necessary to talk to the first employee and find out the reasons for his unsuccessful work, or maybe get advice, exchange experience with a more successful colleague. In the same way, we can track the activities of the feeders and see the results of their activities.

If we analyze the work of the personnel involved in the fertilization of animals, we can also notice some dependence. And after finding out the reasons for systematically unsuccessful work, in addition to common problems regarding the quality of the seed, you can find out that someone scares animals, chooses the wrong time and weather conditions, that is, does their job ineffectively.

A separate topic is veterinarian record keeping. Data are not recorded correctly due to reductions or the reasons for illness or loss are simply not indicated, and sometimes some of the data is not entered into herd management systems or other accounting tools. By identifying such inaccuracies, we can determine with which animal the work was not carried out, and the performance indicators fell.

We have listed the most common examples of personnel performance assessment based on our practice in the Dairy Production Analytics service. Personnel reports allow you to set understandable KPIs, quickly solve problems and create conditions for employees so that they can influence the result of their work. Separately, I would like to cancel the fact that monitoring and detecting anomalies in analytical services is a tool not only for managers, but also for the rest of the staff only in highly specialized sections that can be configured for each employee profile.

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