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We communicate with a large number of farmers and have identified the most common cases of cheating in the field of veterinary medicine. In this article, we have collected the most popular options for how a farm owner can be misled.

1) Violation of storage conditions. Veterinary drugs, like any other medicinal products, need special storage conditions, strict adherence to temperature and light conditions. There are times when the storage conditions are violated on the farm itself, but the responsible employee does not want to admit guilt and receive a fine, so he does not report the incident. The use of drugs does not bring the desired effect, so the farm has to re-purchase the necessary drugs.

2) Resale of drugs. On large farms, when the farm purchases vaccines on its own, the workers responsible for storing and using them may write them off as substandard. At the same time, the drugs actually comply with the standards, and after writing off the employee does not dispose of them, but resells them.

3) Purchase of drugs unnecessarily. The responsible employee can order drugs that are not needed and for this receive remuneration from the company that sells the drugs.

4) Write-off of the seed. It happens that during the insemination process the catheter breaks, which means it cannot be used again and must be written off. This fact is used by unscrupulous employees who write off serviceable tools, forcing the farm to make new expenses. Decommissioned serviceable catheters and semen are sold by the employee to the side.

5) Seed resale. The employee responsible for insemination may not actually do it, but mark in the animal card that insemination has been carried out. Thus, an unscrupulous employee gets at his disposal a seed, which, together with his services, can offer to other small farms and thus earn.

These are the most common situations, we meet with them most often. However, time after time we are faced with the ingenuity of workers and find new ways to cheat. It is important that in all these cases the farms lose money as they have to purchase additional veterinary drugs and seeds.

It's also important to understand that people don't always steal because they want to cheat an employer. Often, staff do not understand their value to the farm, do not understand what benefits it can bring and how it can be rewarded. On the other hand, farmers who use any way to reduce costs are busy with current issues and cannot take the time to identify such facts of fraud.

Therefore, we offer audit of processes on the farm and work in 3 stages:

1) We identify facts of fraud on the farm using modern analytics.

2) We put on the control processes and employees, where violations are possible. People already know that they are being watched and do not want to get caught stealing, because they understand that they can be fired.

3) We build a motivation system for personnel, where each measurable result of an employee means bonuses. When staff understand their value and see what they can legally earn, they are motivated and less likely to steal.

The human factor takes place in any company, therefore, in no case should work processes be allowed to drift, and even more so to try to reduce costs through salaries. It's important to work with employees, explain value to them and show them opportunities for honest earnings.

If you want to learn more about analytics of processes on the farm, implement a modern automation tool and increase the efficiency of your activities, leave a request on our website.

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