Smart Silo

Service for monitoring the maturation and storage of silage in silo trenches. Smart Silo offers a unified approach to monitoring using a heat map of the trenches, determining the stage and type of the fermentation process and determining the possible shelf life of the silo, the order of use of the trenches for feeding animals, the ban on the use of feed and the disposal of silage.


  • 10% the feed is lost in the cooking process
  • 15% feed is lost during storage
  • 2/3 losses can be controlled

How it is solved now

How it is solved now

The quality of the silo is checked by laboratory methods periodically. 

The risks of this method: loss of feed or feeding animals with unsuitable feed, which affects the health of animals, and as a consequence, the volume of production. 

How does SmartSilo solve this

How does SmartSilo solve this

Sensors are installed at the time of laying the trench, at least 3 sensors per trench. 

Total: 9 temperature indicators at different depths, measurement frequency 1-4 times per hour, sensor life up to two years without recharging. 

What it looks like

In the 12th trench, the temperature indicators approached the critical mark.
While the silage mass is still suitable for feeding, but in a few weeks its use will lead to poisoning of animals and large losses.

Advantages of the solution

  • Ability to identify process violations
  • Track changes in the early stages
  • Affordable analytics on any device
  • Definition of the main parameters affecting the availability and safety of the silo
  • Storage process control
  • Minimization of the risk of loss of silage or animal disease during the use of low-quality product

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