Smart Storage

Intelligent storage monitoring service, which allows to achieve longer shelf life of products without loss of quality.


  • 40% the crop is lost in the process of planting, growing and caring for crops
  • 40% the crop is lost during collection, storage and transportation
  • 2/3 crop losses can be controlled
Source: J’son & Partners Consulting

How to construct a modern warehouse

How to construct a modern warehouse

Modern storages have a number of possibilities: monitoring systems; management of ventilation, cooling, heating, humidification, air disinfection.

But they are not equipped with the function of analytics and forecasting the development of adverse situations. 

What SmartStorage offers

What SmartStorage offers

The Smart Storage service eliminates the human factor and provides an objective storage control system. We use the best storage practices. 

What it looks like

Advantages of the solution

  • Monitoring key parameters
  • SMS informing in case of deviations
  • Analytics and selection of optimal storage conditions
  • Storage profitability assessment
  • Connection to external data sources

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