Dairy Production Analytics is 1 y.o.!

Dairy Production Analytics is 1 y.o.! - Smart4Agro

On October 1, 2018, the DairyProductionAnalytics service was put into commercial operation at Voshkazhnikovo.

DPA is a digital twin of dairy production with the ability to predict herd reproduction, milk production and animal diseases for 1-2 years or more. Forecast accuracy reaches 94-97%.

Currently DPA service works with the following herd management systems: DairyComp, DeLaval, GEA, Afimilk Development is underway for compatibility with other systems, including the preparation of rations. As part of the work on the service, we expanded our expertise in the field of InternetofThings - we began to manufacture our own sensors, since there were no suitable solutions for collecting external data on the market. A separate solution was the Smart Silo service, which monitors the procurement and storage of silos.

Over this year, more than ten enterprises have been connected to the service, which have appreciated the work of the service. The effect of using the service was appreciated - Voshkazhnikovo was awarded by Danone for its innovative business approach in the Efficiency nomination. In turn are dozens of connections.

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